Radio AM990, Formosa 990

LRH203 AM990 has been logged in Finland before, but it is definitely not the easiest catch on the EU-channel 990. LR4 R Splendid (common in the early days on shortwaves) was the Argentinian that was heard by several Finnish DXers between 2000-2010. According to my knowledge Splendid has been absent in Finnish logs since then for what ever reason it can be. Since there are no stations listed on 990 in Uruguay or Paraguay (nor in Chile), Splendid and AM990 Formosa are the only possibilities to search for during cx towards the southern part of South America. During the mediocre LEM357 pedition AM990 was fading up around 05 UTC on October 23 in the middle of a proton storm. Luckily, the cx at this date favored stations from the Northwestern and Northern parts of Argentina but not the greater Buenos Aires area. A clear ID “AM990 la radio de Formosa” followed by a commercial for “Banco Formosa” was heard before the SS stations in Spain and other EU-stations took over the frequency. AM990 was logged also by JPR last spring on March 8. A nice e verification via FB signed by Hector Sanchez, Locutor, was promptly received. Gracias Hector!