Radio Univesidad Nacional del Sur 1240

During LEM367 on February 15 very selective cx towards Argentina was observed around 02-04 UTC and between 06-0615 UTC just before the band died in Lemmenjoki. I heard at least six for mew Arentinians during this opening. One of them was Radio Universidad Nacional del Sur, Bahía Blanca, BA on 1240. The station faded alone on the frequency for more than an hour with a weak signal and with no interferencies from, e.g., R Paysandú, Cadena Uno or Brazilians. At 0247 I heard a nice ID “En el aire, AM 1240 R Universidad del Sur” followed by a PSA including several mentions of their www-address “”. Andrea Romero, periodista confirmed my report with an email. Gracias Andrea!