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LRI232 La Voz del Sudeste 1380

La Voz del Sudeste was heard during strong ARG-cx on February 20, 2015 in Lemmenjoki. Even though the station name was covered by QRM the end of the id “desde Necochea y Quequén” nailed the identity. The station also carried a commercial spot for “Caso Araño”. Simultaneously with this station another Argentinian surfaced back and forth with football. I expect it was AM Super Sport, Temperley (ex. 1650) but no ID was heard. An FB message confirmed my reception of LRI231.




L---- Radio Impacto 1440

Radio Impacto 1440 was a long wanted Argentinian for me. The station was first heard in Finland in late July, 2009 by Jim Solatie and my catch is probably the second one. Jari Ruohomäki also heard R Impacto in fall 2015. I heard R Impacto on February 20,2015 in Lemmenjoki  during rather mediocre cx towards the La Plata region of South America giving an id as “Através de Radio Impacto 1440 AM”. Today I finally got a short FB message confirming my report and mp3. Much appreciated.

Imágenes integradas 1

With stations such as R Maldonado, Montevideo and LT11 R General Francisco Ramírez normally dominating 1560 during openings towards the La Plata region, it was nice to log R Antena, Lobos, Provincia de Buenos Aires here during LEM357 in late October 2015. The probably first logging of R Antena was done during LEM332 by Hannu Tikkanen and Håkan Sundman in October 2013. After several tries I finally got a nice email confirmation from Diego Cesár, Director. Gracias Diego!


L---- Radio Sintonia 1000

This was a most wanted logging on the super LP night February 24-25, 2015 during LEM354 when I had strong signals from stations from La Plata, Paraguay and the southern states of Brazil between  23-07 UTC. R Sintonía was audiable for some 20 minutes with another Argentinian that has remained unidentidfied. Thanks to the split 1000.08 Sintonía could be separated with the ID “AM Sintonía 1000, la esencia de radio”. Jari Ruomomäki heard R Sintonía in December 2012. Carlos Estevez, Director rapidly confirmed my report. Gracias Carlos!

LRA29 Radio Nacional, San Luis 1170

This station was heard during LEM354 on February 25, 2015. The station faded up immediately after an ID from R Mi País BA with “Nacional, La Radio Pública”. The station was heard for less than i minute before it was covered by EU stations.Since this is the only Nacional on 1170 the identity is clear. If I remember correctly, Pertti Äyräs has heard and has a verification from the station from some years back. A very rare catch in Finland anyway. I received an email verification without a signature.

L---- Concepto AM 730

Normally 730 is dominated by the Paraguay station Radio Cardinal, Asunción. Concepto AM has been logged in Finland a couple of times before it was heard again during LEM345 in late February 2015. Even though no definite ID was heard a commercial containing an address in Gregorio Laferrere, BA nailed the station’s identity. A short confirmation was received recently. This frequency also host other “LP”-stations such as the Uruguay station Radio Continental, Montevideo, which is a difficult one, as well as three Argentinians belonging to R Nacional not to forget the more common Chile station R Cooperativa in Valparaíso. Worth while to check this channel in other words.

LRA22 Radio Nacional Jujuy 790

On October 23, 2015 R Nacional in San Salvador de Jujuy was logged in Lemmenjoki carrying programming // 750 Córdoba and 870 Buenos Aires. No local ID but this is the only listed Nacional on 790. The conditions at the time of reception were selectively towards the North Western parts of Argentina. Hence, the channel dominant R Mitre BA was very weak.  A Facebook message confirmed my reception.

Radio AM990, Formosa 990

LRH203 AM990 has been logged in Finland before, but it is definitely not the easiest catch on the EU-channel 990. LR4 R Splendid (common in the early days on shortwaves) was the Argentinian that was heard by several Finnish DXers between 2000-2010. According to my knowledge Splendid has been absent in Finnish logs since then for what ever reason it can be. Since there are no stations listed on 990 in Uruguay or Paraguay (nor in Chile), Splendid and AM990 Formosa are the only possibilities to search for during cx towards the southern part of South America. During the mediocre LEM357 pedition AM990 was fading up around 05 UTC on October 23 in the middle of a proton storm. Luckily, the cx at this date favored stations from the Northwestern and Northern parts of Argentina but not the greater Buenos Aires area. A clear ID “AM990 la radio de Formosa” followed by a commercial for “Banco Formosa” was heard before the SS stations in Spain and other EU-stations took over the frequency. AM990 was logged also by JPR last spring on March 8. A nice e verification via FB signed by Hector Sanchez, Locutor, was promptly received. Gracias Hector!

Radio San Salvador de Jujuy 630

During the LEM357-pedition some weeks ago the conditions were mediocre overall. Coronal holes one after another and at the end of expedition an increased proton level made trans-Atlantic propagation lousy. On Friday, October 23 around 05 UTC, in the “middle” of a minor proton storm, we found the band more or less empty with the exception of weak La Plata signals, especially on the lower part of the band. Because the band was so clean even many of these signals were readable. We found that the cx favored stations from the Northern and Northwestern corner of Argentina. One of the stations identified was LW8 Radio San Salvador de Jujuy on 630, a frequency almost always giving only the Buenos Aires station R Rivadavia during La Plata cx. Now, at 0501 UTC a clear ID was noted “LW8 Radio San Salvador de Jujuy 630 kcs, oficinas en Horacio Guzmán 496 en Radio Visión Jujuy…”. This was indeed a big surprise. Pertti Äyräs heard LW8 probably for the first time in Finland on October 16, 2014, almost exactly on year earlier.

My report was rapidly verified by Rodrigo Martearena, Jefe Comercial y Marketing, Radio Visión Jujuy. Mil gracias Rodrigo. This becasme my QSL # 160 from Argentina!


The Uruguay station R Oriental in Montevideo is normally blocking 770 during cx towards the La Plata regi0n. During LEM354 , however, Argentinian Cooperativa together with an unidentified Brazilian (most probably R Atalaia de Sergipe) was occupying the frequency. Cooperativa was logged previously in Finland by Jari Ruohomäki in December 2012 also in Lemmenjoki. My report was confirmed via FB.