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Radio La Luna 1140

R La Luna has been on my “most wanted list” for a couple of years. Jari Ruohomäki (JPR) heard the station in Lemmenjoki in early March 2015. I heard La Luna during LEM367 on February 15, 2016 with a TOH-id ” Transmíte R La Luna AM 1140, R La Luna – tu radio Amiga”. I rapidly received a nice FB message from the Director of the station. Now I have emptied this frequency from Argentinians. I heard R Tandil already in 1976, then on 1300, and R Guaraní, San Justo BA in 2006.

XEEST 1440

XEEST has been heard several times in Lemmenjoki. My own logging is from October 29, 2011. I finally got a confirmation on my reception thanks to v/s info provided by Håkan Sundman (HS). Thanks Håkan!

XEQI Monterrey NL 1510

XEQI R Alternativa on 1510 was heard during the LEM-pedition LEM357 together with Pertti Äyräs on October 20, 2015. MTM and JMS logged this station in Lemmenjoki already in October 2014. Thanks to Håkan Subdman (HS) for v/s info! I received the following message from the station: “Muy amable por hacernos partícipes de su interés y qué bueno que otros puedan escuchar el 1510 de am a una distancia increíble. Saludos a su esposa y sus hijos. Ojalá pudiera compartirnos si es que logra captar por más tiempo la estación, algunos de sus contenidos y qué le parecen”

ZYJ904 Radio Camboriú 1290

Rádio Camboriú was heard during LEM367 on February 13, 2016 with a TOH-id aroun d 23 UTC. A FB message confirmed my reception. The first logging in Finland of this station was made by Mika Mäkerläinen and Jim Solatie in early March 2010 during their LEM291-pedition in Lemmenjoki.

LRI232 La Voz del Sudeste 1380

La Voz del Sudeste was heard during strong ARG-cx on February 20, 2015 in Lemmenjoki. Even though the station name was covered by QRM the end of the id “desde Necochea y Quequén” nailed the identity. The station also carried a commercial spot for “Caso Araño”. Simultaneously with this station another Argentinian surfaced back and forth with football. I expect it was AM Super Sport, Temperley (ex. 1650) but no ID was heard. An FB message confirmed my reception of LRI231.




L---- Radio Impacto 1440

Radio Impacto 1440 was a long wanted Argentinian for me. The station was first heard in Finland in late July, 2009 by Jim Solatie and my catch is probably the second one. Jari Ruohomäki also heard R Impacto in fall 2015. I heard R Impacto on February 20,2015 in Lemmenjoki  during rather mediocre cx towards the La Plata region of South America giving an id as “Através de Radio Impacto 1440 AM”. Today I finally got a short FB message confirming my report and mp3. Much appreciated.

Imágenes integradas 1

With stations such as R Maldonado, Montevideo and LT11 R General Francisco Ramírez normally dominating 1560 during openings towards the La Plata region, it was nice to log R Antena, Lobos, Provincia de Buenos Aires here during LEM357 in late October 2015. The probably first logging of R Antena was done during LEM332 by Hannu Tikkanen and Håkan Sundman in October 2013. After several tries I finally got a nice email confirmation from Diego Cesár, Director. Gracias Diego!


L---- Radio Sintonia 1000

This was a most wanted logging on the super LP night February 24-25, 2015 during LEM354 when I had strong signals from stations from La Plata, Paraguay and the southern states of Brazil between  23-07 UTC. R Sintonía was audiable for some 20 minutes with another Argentinian that has remained unidentidfied. Thanks to the split 1000.08 Sintonía could be separated with the ID “AM Sintonía 1000, la esencia de radio”. Jari Ruomomäki heard R Sintonía in December 2012. Carlos Estevez, Director rapidly confirmed my report. Gracias Carlos!

LRA29 Radio Nacional, San Luis 1170

This station was heard during LEM354 on February 25, 2015. The station faded up immediately after an ID from R Mi País BA with “Nacional, La Radio Pública”. The station was heard for less than i minute before it was covered by EU stations.Since this is the only Nacional on 1170 the identity is clear. If I remember correctly, Pertti Äyräs has heard and has a verification from the station from some years back. A very rare catch in Finland anyway. I received an email verification without a signature.

ZYK346 Radio Cassino 830

This frequency is an interesting indeed for fans of Brazil DX. Even though the channel holds many stations only a few have been heard in Finland. The most common is perhaps R Princesa da Serra, Itabaiana, SE followed by Rádio Gerais, Belo Horizonte (former Rádio Cultura). Rádio Cassino in Rio Grande, RS has, however, been heard several times in Lemmenjoki during the last few years. My own logging is from “the super night” February 25, 2015 during LEM354 when it was fading up and down for several hours as the only Brazilian station even though close to 30 stations are listed! My audio mp3 was confirmed by a nice email from Julio Cezar Pedrozo, Diretor Geral.