KGFW 1340

Last October I had the pleasure of hearing a crystal clear TOH ID from KGFW as “13-40 KGFW Kearney” before going into Fox News. This was my second NE-station on 1340 (KSID heard earlier) so now its only KHUB Freemont left to catch from NE on 1340.

Mark Reid, Operations Mgr on KGFW, writes: “Yes that is KGFW 1340-AM Kearney Nebraska, a 1,000 Watt Powerhouse. What you heard was our top of the hour ID into Fox News. Over the years we have received letters and e-mails from people in parts of Norway, Sweden and now Finland who have heard KGFW. We often joke that we wish our ratings service would send diaries to northern Europe as we have listeners there. It is amazing to me that this small station with not much power can bounce enough along the atmosphere and be heard in Finland. Thank you for the information and regards from Central Nebraska”. Thanks Mark for your confirmation!