KYYA 730 KLOK 1170

During a pedition to Lemmenjoki in 2009 I noticed a peculiar format on 1170 together with KJOC Davenport IA. This turned out to be the quite rare KLOK in San Jose, CA with an ethnic format an identifying itself as Radio Desi. I had the luck to catch an English language local promo ending with “…”. KLOK’s pattern is not very favorable towards the north and thus Scandinavia, and maybe that’s why the station, with it’s at that time Spanish format, was heard regularly in Santa Barbara, CA where I lived between 1990-1993.

After many attempts to get a confirmation on my 2009 reception I recently received two separate kind confirmations from Brad Benhke and from Nate Guevara. Brad and Nate, I appreciate your confirmations very much indeed!