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La FQ 980

La FQ in Cananea, Sonora was heard already in January 2009 during the LEM274 expedition. The station faded in just in time for Mexico’s national anthem with a short “La FQ 9-80 AM”. The more “regularly” heard Mexicans on 980 here are XENR, Nueva Rosita, CO and XETU Tampico, TM. I just received a short Facebook message on a follow up report: “Wow! Impresionante!! Saludos desde Cananea, Sonora, desde la FQ que transmite en 980 AM y ahora también en 103.1 FM!”. Gracias por su respuesta La FQ!

Radio Jaraguá 1010

The dominating Brazilians on 1010 are the ones of the northern states of Brazil Bahía and Ceará, namely R Bahía, Salvador and CBN, Fortaleza. R Celinauta, Pato Branca, PR has been logged a handful times and one or two more. One belonging to the last category is R Jaraguá transmitting from Jaraguá do Sul in the southern state of Santa Catarina. The station was heard during a short but sharp opening towards Santa Catarina, Paraná and Rio Grande do Sul on November 3, 2013 during LEM313.

My report was confirmed by the station manager Fransisco Alves writing: ” Boa tarde Dr. Jan-Erik, ficamos muito felizes em receber sua carta, e saber que esta nos ouvindo. Nossa emissora foi fundada em 1948, completamos 65 anos, fica em Jaragua do sul Norte de Santa Catarina e Sul do Brasil. No verão temos as praias para nós refrescar do calor de 35 a 40 graus, em uma distância de 60km, já no inverno a serra um pouco mais longe 350km com direto a neve para nos divertir com temperatura a baixo de zero. Nossa cidade tem entono de 160 mil habitantes com uma economia forte em metal mecânica e têxtil. Um ótimo 2014 Dr. Jan-Erik Osterholm e a todos os seus familiares! Meu nome e, Francisco Alves e pseudônimo “Chico Schwammbach” Sou gestor da emissora.Um grande abraço!”

Muito obrigado Francisco!

Chami Radio 1140

During LEM334 we experienced a rather interesting opening towards Peru on November 13 around 05 UTC. At that time the band was rather quiet  with weak signals from several stations many of them that turned out to be Peruvians. A surprisingly strong signal was noted on 1140 and turned out to be Chami Radio transmitting from the city of Otuzco in the department of La Libertad situated in the northern highlands of Peru.

Together with Santa Rosa 1500v, TurboMix 1540v and Bethel 1570, Chami Radio was booming in on 1140 for about half an hour giving very frequent  ID´s: “Chami Radio – Señal de Libertad”.

A Facebook confirmation was received confirming my reception. Thank you Chami Radio!!

Below a mp3 containing the station’s ID as received in Lemmenjoki.

Radio Cultura 790

This frequency is a difficult one for Brazilian loggings, mainly due to the presence of R Mitre in Buenos Aires but also because most of the stations here carry rather low powers to be on the lower part of the AM band. Rádio Cultura, Guarariba was heard during the LE307 pedition on October 26, 2011. Simultaneously Rádio Rural also in Guarariba was heard on 850!

A short note via Facebook confirmed my mp3 yesterday. Muito obrigado Rádio Cultura!

Radio Colmeia 650

Rádio Colméia was the maybe best catch during a very good opening towards the southern states of Brazil on November 3, 2013 during LEM333. Free from R Uno of Asunción, Paraguay the frequency hold two Brazilians of which on e was this, the other one remained unidentified. Jari Ruohomäki has logged R Difusão Sul Riograndense, Erechim RS here otherwise 650 is seldomly open towards Brazil here in the north.

Taynah Tiem rapidly confirmed my hearing with a short email. Muito obrigado Taynah!

Radio Condor 1580

A chocking surprise was heard in Lemmenjoki on November 6, 2013 on 1580: the new Argentinian Radio Condor in Moreno, Partido Moreno, BA. The station started it’s transmission in September 2013. I got an ID that goes like “….25 de Mayo, Partido de Moreno, transmíte La Nueva Radio Condor AM 1580”. I had a hard time to get the station name (sounded like Formula or the like and nothing of such nature could be found). Thanks to Henrik Klemetz the correct identification was obtained. Best of all, I some minutes ago received a very sentimental FB message from Raúl José Díaz on the station who told me he was chocked and immensly surprised over my message and mp3. He also tells that the station is now temporarily silent because  a heavy storm decked their antenna system. Mil gracias Raúl por su respuesta!